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Direct PTT i682 Two Way Digital Radio with POC

Original price $324.95
Current price $249.95

The i682 is revolutionizing 2-Way of communication.  Do you require long-distance communication with your fleet of vehicles, ambulances, trucks, sanitation vehicles, or buses?  Are you tired of dealing with clumsy repeater networks or expensive towers, only to suffer from dead spots and drop-offs all over the coverage area?  

The i682 Two Way Cellular Network Radio offers local, citywide, and global connections with the push of a button across any network with our proprietary dual-sim IOT data card.  Sturdy, feature rich, and easy to use; the i682 offers instant connectivity with your fleet, staff, salespeople, and management.

Like a standard digital two-way radio, the i682 offers almost unlimited channel choices, groups, texting, one-to-many, and private one-on-one conversations.

All DirectPTT products offer optional GPS mapping.  Download our PC Dispatch software and manage the mobility of your entire operation on your desktop or smartphone.  Get real-time tracking, with full mapping and you can record every conversation over the network and store them for up to a year!