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Direct PTT
Changing Communication

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Worldwide Push-to-Talk

Two-Way Radios with Worldwide Range. Connect with your teams in the most remote areas, at any distance. Speak to your teammates in Florida from your desk in Manhattan, dispatch from your headquarters in Washington State to your truck driver en-route in southern Mexico, the options are endless.

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Custom & Encrypted Enterprise Programming

Every Organization working with Direct PTT is assigned custom programming; Name your individual units & groups and choose which features to include for each user
SOS Features, Stun Function, Priority, GPS Tracking Enablement, FindMy Device, and much more.

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PC Dispatch Tracking Software (optional)

Access Real-Time Location Coordinates, Speed, Recordings, etc.; from the DirectPTT App on IOS, AOS, and PC/Mac. All data including recordings, retrace a driver's route, etc. stored and accessible from your company's account login.

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World Class 24/7 Technical Support

Tech Support can run diagnostics, customize programming, access data and update devices remotely with a personal tech assigned to your company account. No longer need a tech onsite for programming and device maintenance. No more radio or repeater maintenance fees.

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Centralized Programming and Location Access

The same programming software and Dispatch tracking software is accessible to assigned employees. IT, Safety Manager, Director's of Operations, etc. can access custom programming platform and customized all devices remotely, assign features, etc.

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Device Maintenance Contracts

All radios are warrantied under contract for 3-years. For length of contract, if devices need service, updated, malfunction, etc. tech support will send a shipping label for your devices to be repaired and maintained, then sent back for free.

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Intrinsically Safe Options Available

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All Radios Are Bluetooth and Wifi IP Enabled

Connect to you locations wifi for an added layer of connection and protection

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99% Range & Connectivity Coverage Across the US

Connectivity that covers 99.9% of all inland territory of Continental America. Range that spans the Globe.


Every Organization Operates Differently.

DirectPTT provides devices to cover every aspect of your operations.





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